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Making Your Great Escape – What Is An Escape Room?

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A lot of people are asking, “what is an escape room?” From team building to night club alternative, escape rooms are now all the craze. We’ll let you in on all the secrets of escape rooms, and how you and your crew can enjoy one of the smartest types of entertainment that nearly any group of people can enjoy. Escape rooms are ideal for corporate team building, family fun, even for dates! Learn more as we dive into the escape room phenomenon. What is the escape room? Find out below!

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Do you love to solve puzzles?

Escape Room Strategies – Tips and Tricks On How To Beat Your Escape Room

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If you’re an escape room enthusiast, you want to be able to beat the room in the time limit, every time. It takes more than just one smart person to solve an escape room. Teamwork, communication, and planning all go into a great escape room experience. So, here are some escape room tips and tricks to help you and your team beat your escape room, and to get a great score, every time. These escape room hints and cheats will help you have a great time when you and your team tackle your next escape room.

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Escape Rooms for Kids: Fun, Exciting, and Educational!

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Escape rooms have been a phenomenon for adults for the past few years. Escape rooms are usually themed – resembling enchanted forests, dungeons, mummy tombs, space stations or various other locals. In an escape room, a team of up to 12 players need to solve puzzles, gather clues, and figure out how to win the escape room within 45 to 60 minutes. Players are scored based on how quickly they resolve the puzzles. Escaping the room is the end goal of most game scenarios, and teamwork is essential to solve most escape room puzzles.

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Zombie Hunters of Hollywood

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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Just because a Zombie Apocalypse has not happened yet does not mean it won’t. It’s no longer about whether zombies are real not. It’s about how prepared you are in case of a zombie apocalypse. Will you pull through the undead onslaught? Here are some of the tips to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. 

  1. Devise a plan

It is better to be prepared so that you don’t be caught unaware by zombies. Devise a plan that will see you overpower’ zombies. Other than being vigilant, identify a safe assembling area as well as the easiest route to get there. That done, locate the nearest hospitals, banks, gas stations, and other important buildings. Also, know every exit of your town and always have a map with you.

  1. Ensure your house is well-protected

If your house is not zombie-proof, it is high time you make some modifications to it. While zombies aren’t too clever, they are super strong. This means that you need to have enough barricades to prevent them from breaking in. Zombies have difficulties climbing, so always aim for higher grounds. 

  1. Get physical

While you can drive yourself, it is not every time that you are in a car. What if zombies find you outside your car? Will you outrun them? Well, unless you are physically fit, you may not outrun them. Get in strength training workouts and cardio to become physically fit. You can also take part in Great Room Escape, where you will be locked up in an escape room with other participants, and you are to use your skills to escape within an hour. The goal is to get fit and acquire skills.

  1. Work as a team

Survival in the case of a zombie attack is more likely if you work as a team than if go the individual way. Work together as a group, watch other’s backs, and take turns being on the lookout to stay alive. 

While we hear of zombies only in movies, it is always good to be prepared. A Zombie apocalypse may or may not happen, but either way, we need to be prepared. Thankfully, there are many escape games out there that equip you with skills on what to do in case of a zombie attack. The above are some tips on how to escape an impending zombie attack.

Things to do in San Antonio

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San Antonio is a beautiful city filled with all kinds of landmarks, heritage centers and historical points of interest. But what if you’re looking for a weekend activity that’s a little more exciting than the usual tourist attractions? If you want a fun, out-of-the-box experience during your trip to the Lone Star State, here are just five unique things to do in San Antonio.

  1. Ghost Tours

One of the quirks of San Antonio is the prevalence of “ghost tours” that take visitors around churches, bridges, graveyards and abandoned buildings. Some relay gossip about real-life murders and the spirits that supposedly linger after the violence; others pass on myths and folk legends about the otherworldly nature of the sights. Are you brave enough to seek out a San Antonio ghost tour? You might take something home with you that you didn’t anticipate.


  1. Unusual Animal Collections

Most people go to the San Antonio Zoo when they want a dose of nature’s creatures. If you like to live on the wild side, however, you might hit up the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch or the Texas Snake Farm. The latter is especially renowned for its hands-on approach that allows visitors to hold its slithering, sibilant masses. Some people even pose for selfies with snakes wrapped around their necks!


  1. Escape Rooms

Could you find your way out of a locked room with nothing but clues and puzzles hidden inside it? What if you were locked in that same escape room with a dozen strangers all trying to do the same thing? There’s nothing like an escape game to get your mind racing and your blood pumping, so you’ll definitely want to check out San Antonio’s “locked box” mysteries during your next vacation.


  1. Quirky Museums

The Frontier Times Museum has an entire collection devoted to two-headed things. Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum displays toilet seats bedazzled with glitter and jewels. There’s no shortage of strange, off-beat museums in the greater San Antonio area, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that all museums are boring. Some of them can be the most fun things to do in the entire city.


  1. Roadside Attractions

Last but certainly not least, you can’t visit San Antonio without doing the road trip thing and hitting up all of the city’s oversized oddities. For example, “the world’s biggest cowboy boots” eclipse the local mall while gigantic wax monsters loom over everyone at the Plaza Wax Museum. The best thing about these attractions is that they’re fun for all ages and genders, so they’ll make an unusual and enjoyable family activity for everyone.


These are just a few unique experiences that you can have during your next trip to San Antonio. Whether it’s fighting through an escape room or petting an animal that you usually aren’t allowed to pet, the most important thing is that you’re pushing your limits and venturing beyond your comfort zone. This is the only way that you’ll enjoy a truly unforgettable vacation!

Weekend Activities in San Antonio

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Whether you’re just in town for the weekend or you’ve been living in San Antonio for years, there are always new things to do around town. Not everyone wants to hit the bars filled with smoke and loud music. Here are some fun activities to do on the weekends.

Take The San Antonio River Tours

Everyone has heard of the Riverwalk downtown right? This tour is one of the best weekend activities in San Antonio that you can do. It is an excellent substitute for indoor activities like escape room.This is one thing that you should not miss especially if you want to relax and see how beautiful it is here. You only have to pay $8.25 to see what is in store for you out here. Providing you with a tour guide to tell you all about San Antonio, this is surely one main attraction that must be part of your agenda. The ride lasts for only 35 to 40 minutes and trust that you will get out with a smile on your face.

Walk Along King William District

This neighborhood was built by Germans in the late 1800’s and is still preserved up to present. If you want to have an experience of old San Antonio, this where you should spend your weekend. There are breakfast inns and home tours that allow you to roam around this historic village. There is no other place like this that you can go to especially when you want to detach yourself from the busy life in the city.

Visit The Zoo

Perhaps you are used to taking your kids to play the escape games.Well, the San Antonio Zoo is yet another excellent place to take them.In fact, it is not like any other zoo that you have been to before. This is the perfect weekend trip for your family, especially the children. Let them learn and be amazed at how many different animal species there is out there. You too will be awed by the exotic and endangered animals which are being kept in that place.

Try a Room Escape at Great Room Escape San Antonio

Room escapes are a great way to bring your friends or family together for a unique and exciting experience. Together with your chosen team, you will work together to solve various riddles and clues to see if you can escape from a room in only one hour. This fun adventure will keep you on your toes as your wits are tested, creating a truly unique and memorable experience for everyone.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about what you want to do on the weekends. You can also check out the local news stations or get a copy of the SA Current to give you more ideas.

Family Activities in San Antonio

By | Blog, San Antonio

San Antonio is considered as a city with amazing destinations for family and friends to visit. The activities in San Antonio present families with the opportunity to enjoy the city’s heritage, culture and nature. During family day-outs in San Antonio, you can enjoy various activities such as biking, attending kid’s festivals, visiting parks and picnics. Here are family activities you can enjoy in San Antonio;

  1. Great Room Escape Game.

This is a fun filled game that involves 12 participants being locked in a room and are required to find clues to escape from the room within an hour. Each participant’s contribution is crucial to helping them escape. The room has various themes such as the Cabin Room, Zombie Room and the Countdown. The Cabin Room requires participants to escape from a serial killer. The Zombie Room requires participants to escape from a bloodthirsty zombie and the Countdown requires participants to prevent a missile launched towards them from hitting them. This is a fun game for families to work together and learn about each other’s abilities.

  1. Boat riding at the River Walk.

This is one of San Antonio’s biggest attractions. Walk your family along the river as you view the beautiful bridges, flowers, ducks swimming and dance shows. Take the fun boat riding activity as you listen to stories about the River Walk history. There are restaurants on the River Walk where you will enjoy a meal with your family.


  1. Visit the San Antonio Zoo.

It is located at a beautiful pack near a Japanese garden that is popular for pictures. For people who love animals, they will watch the monkeys, exotic birds, giraffes and bears in the zoo. There is also the butterfly garden here for kids to view and touch butterflies. The zoo is an amazing place for families to learn about different animals.


San Antonio is a beautiful city to visit, filled with activities for families on any day of the week.

Team Building Games

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Creating strong bonds between members of the same team is not exactly an easy task. While they may be forced by their job requirements to work in a team, the employees involved have different personalities. Getting everyone to work together smoothly can be quite daunting. Team building games are meant to break the ice and create relationships outside work for the members of your team.


Introduction games


You will need the members of your team to get to know each other better, and for this, you need them to at least know each others’ names. There are quite a few team building games focused on remembering names and getting acquainted. Here are some ideas you can try:


Passing the clap – this game consists of having all the team members standing in a circle in an escape room, with one person having the said clap. The person makes eye contact with another person, and then they clap their hands, and the clap is passed over. This game is based on promoting visual communication, and it can be a lot of fun.


Hospital tag – the rules for this game are simple. Everyone will try to tag others by touching them. When someone is touched – tagged – they have to place one hand on the spot where they were touched. At three tags they are out, while the rest continue the game.


Getting to know each other better


After the team members have been introduced to one another through visual team building games as shown earlier, it is time for escape games that promote better knowledge of the others. Here are some fun ideas to try out.


Two truths and a lie – this game are designed to work like this: each team member has to say two true things and one lie about themselves, then the others must guess which is which. This game assists team members get to know each other better.


The triangle game – each person, participating in the game has to name three others who have a certain thing in common. The rest must guess the pattern. While this game can be pretty difficult, it is an excellent brain teaser.


Wrap up activities


After you have the members of your team get to know each other better, you will need some games to wrap things up. Here are some tips on how to create stronger bonds in your team through such entertaining strategies:


The essence circle – this is the type of game that helps people on your team demonstrate how well they have come to know each other. Everyone writes down their names on pieces of paper that are afterward placed into a hat. Then a person extracts one name and starts describing the person, by habits, opinions, ideas, anything that defines their essence.


The human knot – while it is basically about touching and non-verbal communication, this game serves for strengthening the bonds in your team. While everyone is placing one hand in the middle of a circle, they have to clasp the free hand with another and repeat the move without losing contact.

Team building games are designed to make team members comfortable with one another. As it has been proven that friendships and positive relations between team members promote success, they are great for building stronger teams.

Team Building Exercises for Work

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Team building is a wide range of activities used in many spheres but having a particular importance in the business world for the improvement of performance, and with the additional objective of bonding. The bonding exercises can be simple or complex simulations that will depend on the time available. They will normally have a direct relationship to organizational development and are targeted at bringing out the best in a team to ensure that self-development occurs and communication skills grow. Leadership skills are brought to the forefront, and the understanding of working together is developed.

Types of team building exercises for work:

Exercises in trust

Trust is at the base of all good relationships and will establish a good working atmosphere. The activities will be based on mental and physical tests that will make you dependent on the judgments of others so that you have to place trust in them.

Problem-solving and making decisions

These are focused on groups working together with the sole intention of solving tasks posed for them. The exercises will have a relation to those that they will face in everyday life and business life so that they have relevance.


This is probably the most important as how you communicate builds trust and will assist in problem-solving. The way we communicate is an area that we do not always think about, but within the working environment, it is essential. How you delegate work will depend on the response you receive. How you solve a problem will also depend on how you communicate with your peers.

Planning for change

As people, change is not an area that we enjoy. We are comfortable in surroundings that we are familiar with and new challenges at work do not always excite us. How we plan for that change is important, and the team building exercise will allow us to understand planning and implementation of any solution we may have arrived at.

The exercises can often be built over a long weekend in Great Room Escape, where the exercises can be mixed with some relaxation and conviviality over good food and wine.