Creating a Murder Mystery Dinner

By April 7, 2017 October 16th, 2019 Blog

Murder mystery dinners can be a wonderful night where guests forget their ordinary selves and look and act like other people. Other people who are present when a mysterious murder is committed by one of their own. Really, who wouldn’t love such a night? As host of such an evening, you must create the dramatic backdrop against which the evening will unfold. A transformation of your home, or at least a room in your home, is in order. If your guests don’t feel that they are walking on to a stage of sorts, the party can lose energy quickly.

So how do you create your room for great murder mystery dinners?

1.) Pick a room

A murder mystery party usually involves a dinner. If yours does, your dining room will be the center of the action. Think of eccentric guests gather for a formal dinner in an old country home. (Unfortunately, one of them may find themselves face down in their soup.) Create a sense of times gone by trying a white lace tablecloth, silver candlesticks, eclectic antique plates, and mismatched old glasses.

2.) Remove the modernness

If your chosen room has modern art on the walls, consider removing it for the night. Put up some old weird and cheap art from a junk shop. You’ll be astonished at how taking this one step transforms a room.

3.) Lighting

Use candlelight and lantern light as opposed to your usual lights. Put them out everywhere; they will add so much to the atmosphere of spookiness. Choose good candles that will burn throughout the night; some cheaper candles last only about an hour.

4.) Use a friend or relative as a prop

A willing friend or relative could help to create the right mood by donning an old-school black and white maid’s uniform and serving cocktails in character. A cool way to set the time for the evening.


Having a murder mystery party can be great fun for you and your guests. How much fun is directly proportional to the effort you put into creating the proper stage for the event. Really. So if a niggling voice whispers in your ear that you are going too far with the decorations, ignore it! There is no such matter as going too far in creating the right atmosphere for a murder mystery party.