History of Escape Games

By May 8, 2017 October 17th, 2019 Blog
Escape Rooms

The History of Real-life Escape Games can be traced back over a decade ago. The idea Escape Room mainly came from video games called Escape Game where a player had to use clues, solve puzzles and think critically in order to escape. Although the concept of escape games was conceived in the 80’s the term Escape Game or Escape Room started gaining popularity in 2000’s. Crimson Room, by Toshimitsu Takagi, was the first escape room video game released in 2004. Today, there are many video games companies that have adopted the idea and produced escape games with different themes.


Real escape games came to life in 2007, when a Japanese company called SCARP chose to come up with the concept of Live Escape Games. Its founder Takao Kato basically wanted to stage real players in a themed room, where they had to find clues and solve riddles and escape before the set time (usually 1 hour) elapses. The phenomenon soon became widespread across Asia and other continents with franchises opening Singapore, Hungary, United States, England and France. Real Escape Games in Canada became popular in 2013. 


By 2015, there were over 50 games offered in Singapore under different themes. Today, there are more than 367 escape rooms in France, with more than 64 Escape Games in Paris alone. Many escape rooms were opened in 2015 and still continue to happen till today. It seems the history of Room Escape is far from being over. 


Inspiration behind Live Escape Games

The biggest source of inspiration for escape games is brought about by the live role each participant plays in the game. These games involve different room themes where players are merged into a given storyline and have to achieve certain goals at the end. Real-life escape games have a time limit, mostly one hour, to bring out the competitive aspect in gaming. A team either has to beat the beat the fastest record time or simply make their way out of the room before time elapses. Generally, live escape game provide participants with an interactive, immersive and great team building experience.