Mystery Games You Can Play Today

By April 7, 2017 October 17th, 2019 Blog
Play these mystery games with your friends

Mystery games play a major role in building creativity, enhancing fast strategic thinking and problem-solving skills while enjoying a fun and adventurous experience. Murder mystery parties, for example, are interactive dinner parties where six or more players get together- each playing a given character in a bid to find a solution. There are numerous mystery games which you can play with your crew, workmates, family, or friends and have much fun while enhancing personal and team-building skills.

Most Mystery games often revolve around the utilization of critical thinking skills and the power to actively dig deep into the matter for a solution. Some of the popular mystery games are available in our room escape that includes the classical detective and murder mystery games. Here is a detailed list of some of the other mystery games you can have for that wonderful reunion dinner.


  • Killer at the cantina- this is a Star Wars mystery game which has the game’s direction, costume cards, invitation among others. The game supports eight playable gender-neutral characters. The invitations are printable to match the party’s team.


  • Harry potter Mystery Dinner- this game goes for the Harry Potter fans. With various scripts and character cards, the game can accommodate a number of your crew. For all the game features, you need to download some scripts, evidence documents, directions and memos to get started.


  • Murder Mystery Party Plan- the game is a murder mystery which is quite flexible to many guests. The mystery game can accommodate many characters within a play and can be perfect for your whole family (young children exempted).


  • Little Engine that kills- this game is a mystery with parts for eight participants to look for who killed a passenger on a train from India heading to Portugal. An in-depth researched profile is available for each character.


  • Sour Grapes of Wrath- this renowned mystery game has a large file that includes: suspect dossiers, Costume suggestion, party invitations, secret clues, name tags, maps, instructions, accusation sheets and finally the solution. With these games, you won’t miss enjoying such a great treatment while equipping your creativity skills.