Room Escape in San Antonio

By May 8, 2017 October 17th, 2019 Blog, San Antonio

Do you like the escape games, like the ones available on smartphones? If you do, then you may enjoy Great Room Escape, where the thrill and excitement of an escape game has been harnessed, placing the players in a unique, almost video-game atmosphere. Great Room Escape gives you the chance to live out a situation just like the ones available in the Android or Apple games. This is an experience you can’t afford to miss out on.


Some of you may be wondering, “What is an escape game?”. In an escape game, you have to make your way out of a room, or series of rooms, using items or hints that you find around the room. In the history of escape rooms, the thrill is in finding your way out of a certain situation. Even those who do not play the Android games will enjoy the challenge and the new experience. Anyone, teenager or older, can appreciate and enjoy the chance to live out a video game scenario in the form of an escape room.


In San Antonio, Denver and Chicago, among other places, they have designed their own sets of escape rooms, where a group of people have an hour to get out of the room. There are several escape rooms available, each making their own escape game. Some of these scenarios include a cabin and a zombie themed room, among others. Each escape room has separate threats and different thrills, but in each one, you only have an hour to escape. Each room is designed for twelve people to participate, so you can bring the whole family to work together to escape.


In order to play, you have to make a reservation and purchase tickets for a specific showing or game. If you have played the scenario before, you are free to watch your friends struggle at finding their way out, though you are not able to help. In the sense of keeping things fair between games and players, no electronics are allowed to be brought into the game. If you do not have a total of twelve players, then people will be added to your group, which gives you the chance to meet new people and make new friends.


The Great Room Escape gives its players an experience like no other. This escape room atmosphere allows the players to feel as though they have stepped into a video game. Each person has a different skill set, so the grouping of twelve people, stranger or otherwise, makes a new experience every time the room is played. There is no skill set requirement in order to play. No play-through is the same as any other. This is an experience that you can’t get elsewhere. It is a once in a lifetime experience, where you will get to experience something new, meet new friends and test your skill set against the situation.