Team Building Activity in San Antonio

By May 8, 2017 October 17th, 2019 Blog, San Antonio

The best team building activity in San Antonio resides in The Great Room Escape. Managers and business executives might consider putting employees together for an epic puzzle game. Up to 12 people can enter the Escape Room at once. Their mission is to work collaboratively to escape the room. It’s all about team. It’s a fully immersive experience meant to teach teamwork.


As in any work place atmosphere, collaborating is essential to solving the puzzle in less than one hour. The fundamental business strategies of communication, listening, interacting and observing need to be utilized. There’s a method to this madness for every corporation. Teams draw closer together out of necessity. They form bonds based on their inability to escape at first. They can observe everything closely. Teams will have to learn to rely on one another to solve the puzzle. If they don’t, they’ll fail to get out on time. Individuals rarely solve the puzzle on their own.


It’s a live interactive experience that provides great team results. Each member of the team might have a different strategy. Every individual can’t talk at once. That forces the team to listen, formulate ideas and come up with a collaborative strategy. If they’re successful, they will leave the Escape Room unscathed.


It’s the perfect way to promote team building exercises. Business analysts agree team building can be extremely beneficial for employees. Outside of work activities can produce a better work culture. It can reduce tension and stress among employees. It can allow individuals to garner more respect for one another.


The corporate team building starts whenever you enter the room. Teams need to beat the clock and escape the situation. Step by step, each group has to react to their environment and work with one another. Leaders may develop. Followers may follow. The group might struggle under the direction of certain personalities. Ultimately, they’ll have to work together to figure everything out. It’s a necessity to win the game.


The escape game is becoming wildly popular across the country. The merits of the actual game translate well into any corporate field. It allows everyone to participate to some degree. Each individual will have to pitch ideas. Something will have to click eventually or time runs out. Desperate situations sometimes call for desperate measures. Perhaps unknown leaders will rise to the occasion. An amazing idea or thought might develop. The room isn’t impossible if you work together. The employees will figure out it’s all ultimately a group effort.


You can visit the Great Room Escape in San Antonio for your next corporate outing. Only great team work will lead to a potential escape. You’re entire company will leave a lot closer than before. They could leave completely satisfied if they just work with one another. Either way, they’ll leave with smiles on their faces.
Reservations for Team Building must be made at least seven days in advance.