Things to do with Friends in San Antonio

By May 8, 2017 October 17th, 2019 Blog, San Antonio

San Antonio is a place that is very rich with multiple activities for tourists and locals to indulge in. The place is a landmark for wildlife and nature parks, caves, museums and entertainment joints. Below is a list of things to do with friends in San Antonio. 

  1. Engage in wildlife activities

The San Antonio zoo which has existed for many decades is a great place to check out for wildlife enthusiasts. The zoo features a wide range of animal species. The dominant species include: tigers and lions. 

  1. Visit the museum to see an assortment of art

San Antonio is a hub of art and boasts of art collection from many regions of the world. If you are passionate about art, visit museums such as San Antonio Museum of art. This museum is endowed with a huge collection of Asian art, American art, art from Egypt and Greece. If modern art is your thing, the best museum to visit is the McNay Art Museum. 

  1. Engage in escape games-great room escape

Escape games are currently taking shape in many parts of the world and San Antonio has not been left behind in this revolution. Other than exploring the historical landmarks in San Antonio why not consider engaging in escape games. The game nurtures a sense of unity among participants. It allows individuals an opportunity to combine mental efforts in figuring out how to get out of an escape room with a restricted duration of time. 

  1. Visit the Tower of the Americas

If you desire to view the entire San Antonio, the best viewpoint is the Tower of the Americas. From this tower, it is possible to have a panoramic view of San Antonio and its environs. Since this tower is regarded as the tallest building that exists in San Antonio, you will definitely have a thrilling view. 

To wrap up, there is something great to do for everyone in San Antonio. Other than the activities mentioned above, people can also explore caves, visit libraries to read books or engage in shopping sprees.