Best Team Building Exercises

By May 8, 2017 October 16th, 2019 Blog

What makes a good work team? It’s probably not the hard skills of industry or management expertise. What makes good teams are good attitudes. Team players are well defined usually by the way they cooperate to their colleagues. If you are in charge of a team, you should seriously consider ways of getting individuals to work more cohesively as part of a team.


Team development initiatives should be about people recognizing the skills and contributions of their colleagues. It’s this kind of thinking which can mean a team plays to their strengths and maximize their efforts. A good team knows its resources and knows which formation of the team can best deal with any given situation.


So how can you assist your team reach their full potential? Often office trivia and the humdrum of day to day life can get in the way of important team building processes. How can you make people aware of everyone’s abilities and get the best from your team?

Often the best way of getting the team to fully recognize their potential is to get them away from the office environment. Putting people in unusual, unfamiliar surroundings in which they depend on each other’s strengths to work through challenges can have an immensely profound impact on attitudes.


The relationships you see in the office environment are just the tip of the iceberg. To fully appreciate your colleagues you need to get away from the nine-to-five lifestyle. Outside of the office, you can develop new ways of working together.


Some companies run team building workshops where workers will be completely removed from familiar surroundings, on a scuba dive for example, and are forced to work together in a totally alien environment.


Similarly, challenges based on off-road driving or sailing activities work well, giving the team simple problem-solving tasks to help them develop. There needs to be a degree of unfamiliarity to the team building tasks, but a sense of urgency can help teams effectively manage themselves.
So take the team out for the day. Think about designing a team-building event which could increase the effectiveness of your team more than any in-house training you might already have. Team building is fun and effective.