How Team Building Activities Benefit Your Company

By April 7, 2017 October 17th, 2019 Blog


The benefits of team building are so significant that most companies have incorporated team building strategies in their standard curriculum. Group activities are not only important for the immediate experience of the exercises performed but also for the communication, group skills and bonding that result. Be it a week long retreats or five-minute games, team building activities teach essential collaborative skills while helping the employees to trust in each other’s abilities. They also provide a realistic experience that empowers employees to contribute to a common goal. 

Taking employees on company outings helps them to break down the personal and political barriers, have fun and eliminate distractions. This, in turn, enhances productivity.

Other benefits of team building include:

  • Finds barriers that hinder creativity
  • Improves leadership skills and morale
  • Helps to identify team weaknesses and strength
  • Improves the productivity of a company
  • Improves the ability to solve problems
  • Improves processes and procedures
  • Improves efficiency of operations
  • Creates an office culture


After deciding to participate in team building, the next question becomes what games to play. Basically, team building activities should not only be enjoyable but also educational. They should help the team to learn about each other, how a person solves problems, thinks, works as well as have fun.

Escape room is a newly introduced team building activity. The team enters a themed room where they get an hour to figure out how to escape. They must find clues, crack codes, solve puzzles and investigate everything in order to make it out on time. Communication and teamwork is very important. The team will have to work together like never before as they try to beat the clock and make a timely escape.

Escape games sessions at Great Room Escape are fun, create laughter and are a highly unique experience that will be remembered for a long time. It also gives companies an opportunity to analyze and practice critical thinking, organization, communications and logic in a high-pressure apocalyptic zombie survival scenario.