What is an Escape Room?

A Brief Review of Escape RoomsEscape Rooms have become an increasingly popular way to have fun. Those who have never experienced an escape room may not understand what these games are or why they should try them out. Thankfully, there are plenty of reasons why they are worth your time.

The Nature of Escape Rooms

The concept of this fun adventure was developed in Japan. The idea behind them is that the players are locked into a room from which they must escape. There are a variety of difficult problems they must solve to meet this goal. Teamwork is essential, especially in places that utilize a time limit or even the use of a zombie threat to motivate the players to escape.

Based on similar room escape concepts employed in video games, they have spread outside of Japan and have become a popular team-building exercise. They have also become a great way for video game players to experience the excitement and tension inherent in their favorite games.

Escape Game History

Escape game history has expanded heavily since they first debuted. Takao Kato developed the first known escape game in Japan. After his company had opened its first game, it became quickly popular. Since then, the concept spread to Singapore, Hungary, Australia, and the US.

As of 2015, there is nearly 3,000 room escape games available in the world. A typical cost is about $20-30 for an hour. Their inherent fun and modest investment have caused the demand for these types of games to rise sharply across the globe.

How They Challenge Players

When players try out an escape room, they are challenged to use various tactics to solve puzzles and riddles that will push their intelligence and problem-solving skills. For example, players may have to search for various keys to use in specific doors. They may also have to pull levers in the proper order to escape.

Who are room escapes perfect for?

The room escape experience is focused on using these puzzles and riddles in a way that requires players to search out clues in the rooms. Various team-based tactics are also important, particularly if the use of zombie or monster antagonists is utilized in specific escape rooms. You and your team will have to develop the best tactics for escaping.

Chicago-Area Rooms to Try

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