Horror Entertainment – Escape Room

horror entertainment gameEver had the itch to do something, but it’s hard to describe what that something is? While we all have choc-a-bloc social lives (not to mention the unmentionable: work), that old cliché that you have to switch it up every once in awhile’ quite simply can’t be ignored sometimes. So, where to go for that novel experience – and the inevitable bragging rights to your workmates on Monday morning?

If you find yourself having conversations about the history of horror films (our favorite is Halloween or maybe Rocky Horror Picture Show ) or if you  love playing games or like a bit of a hair-raising experience from time to time, there are options in the Chicago area that may just get that spine-tingling while building unforgettable memories with your family or friends. One such place is located in our most friendly city of Chicago, minutes away from the Lake.

The Great Escape Room Chicago is part of an organization that specializes in horror entertainment experiences that you truthfully can’t even get close to someplace else. The idea seems simple: work together, solve the puzzle, escape the trap before time runs out. Sounds easy, right? What if there’s a slavering zombie chained to a post, and you’ve only got a few minutes to figure it all out before you’re on the menu? Try out your group’s sleuthing skills by tracking down a serial killer: will he get what he deserves, or will you be next on his list?

Each room offers a professionally planned, bone-chilling horror experience that will bring everyone’s heads together in a nail-biting frenzy of collaboration. The name of the game is everyone wins, or everyone loses, so you best get started teambuilding! Figure out the what everyone’s good at, and then get your juices flowing – as long as you’re dedicated, motivated and willing to help each other out there’s only one thing that’s assured – an extraordinarily good time!

As you should have figured out by now, the situations you get yourself into here are often more than a bit heart racing, so best leave the young kids at home. And an added bonus – absolutely no cell phones allowed, so a guaranteed moment not glued to a screen (for once). Give it a shot – make your escape, and have a blast!