Chicago’s Best Mystery Game

Escape Games, The Best Mystery Games AroundOne of the newer interactive entertainment experiences to sweep the nation, the escape room genre of immersive experience throws a number of strange and new factors at players – not the least of which being the fact that you are in a simulated scenario which may or may not be, in the game, a truly daring life or death risk that you wouldn’t ordinarily experience.

At the forefront of this new industry is Great Room Escape – a company dedicated to the idea of escape rooms. With such memorable and iconic experiences as their Houdini Room – a trial to reconnect lovers across the very void of death – and Terminal – a subway crash becomes so much more, including an adventure and maybe even a conspiracy – Great Room Escape has time and time again perfectly crafted rooms that help to define the genre. Rooms that are taken across the country, from Old San Juan to Denver to San Antonio to Denver to San Diego to New York, and a number of places in between.

But, an all new experience in their lineup of mystery games and escape games, is Great Room Escape Chicago. Can you solve a mystery? A murder mystery? Perhaps Chicago’s biggest mystery?

Great Room Escape is proud to present Great Room Escape: Chicago. A mystery game to end all mystery games, this thrilling new room has you and your friends grouping together to solve Chicago’s biggest mystery. With a bit of wit, and a little more teamwork, you may even uncover a deep dark truth about the nature of the case. Players will get to investigate for clues and look for evidence. Will you come to the correct conclusion> Maybe there’s a traitor among you? Maybe someone isn’t who they say, what they say, or where they say. Trust no one, and be ready for anything, because when lives are on the line and all the players are ready for a betrayal, or a revelation, it’s plain to see that murder is the name of the game.

Whereas many of the prior experiences they’ve done have been escape games, this new entry in the Great Room Escape lineup is actually more of a mystery game. Equal parts real life adventure and detective work and Clue, this experience will have you asking a lot more questions than the board game (or cult-classic film) ever could. Rather, this mystery game in the windy city promises all the excitement and intrigue of a classic murder mystery – live out your very own iconic noir moments (Please remember to bring your own dramatic trench coats, middle names of ‘trouble’, and tragically dark backstories.)
So buckle up, slip on your gumshoes, and get your magnifying glasses. This case isn’t going to solve itself, you know. It’s your job to catch that killer, detectives, and bring justice to the scene. So why don’t you come down to this mystery room, bring your friends, and really get a Clue?