Chicago Attraction

By April 7, 2017 April 10th, 2017 Things To Do
New Attraction in Chicago

One of the best Chicago attractions is the Great Room Escape and here’s how it works. First, you assemble your team and choose your date and time. You then need to choose a room you wish to escape from and then book your reservation. When you play the game, you need to find clues hidden all over the room. You will have an hour to search for these clues and the pressure will rise as the time winds down. Once you find the clues, you can make your escape before the time runs out.

The room escape is a thrilling experience that will provide a unique experience to participants. Up to twelve people can participate, and after entering a room, they’ll have an hour to make their escape. It’s a perfect game for family and friends, and you can use it as a bonding session. A company can also use the escape room for team building purposes. After participating in the room escape, employees can start working better and their communication skills will certainly improve. If you’re a game enthusiast, the escape game will provide much fun and entertainment as you try to solve the clues.

Travelers can also enjoy the room escape, and it’s a chance to do experience something you couldn’t do back home. There are several room themes, including the Houdini Room in dedication to one of the best escape artists the world has seen. There’s also the Zombie Room, which you must escape from before zombies are let loose. The Terminal is based on a conspiracy after your subway car crashes, and you should discover the conspiracy and stop bad things from happening. Up to three participants can enjoy playing in the Tomb-Virtual Reality room, which can last for ten to twenty minutes. So if you’re searching for Chicago attractions, the escape game is definitely worth checking out.