Things to do in Chicago This Weekend

By April 7, 2017 April 10th, 2017 Things To Do

Things to do this weekend in Chicago include playing the room escape. It’s a game in which you’re given an hour to find clues hidden in a room so that you can make your escape. After choosing your room and making your reservation, you need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the exact show time. That’s because if you’re late, you will not be allowed to enter the escape room and there are no refunds for latecomers. Each game can have a maximum of twelve people playing, but you don’t need to have a group of twelve because you will join other gamers in a particular room.

The room escape is a thrilling experience because if you’re unable to solve a clue or riddle, there are other people to help you out. Since you can’t bring electronic devices such as cell phones and cameras into the escape room, you will have to use your wits to solve clues. The good news is that you don’t need to be particularly smart to play the game, and all you need is teamwork and persistence to solve the clues. And if you’d like to play a game with just your family or friends, you can purchase all tickets for the show. 

Once you’ve played in a certain escape room, you will obviously know the clues and can spoil the fun for other participants. This means you can’t be allowed to play again but you’re allowed to observe the escape game as others wrack their brains searching for answers to the clues. There are several games that you can enjoy playing and each one has its own theme. The escape game is a chance to rise from your couch and attempt something you’ve never done before. Companies can also train their employees about communication and teamwork. So if you’re searching for Things to do this weekend in Chicago, the room escape should be top on your list.