Best Zombie Films


One of the Best Zombie Films of the Past 20 years is the movie called Resident Evil (2002). It’s a story about a specialized military unit fighting a powerful and uncontrollable Supercomputer, and many scientists who are turned into flesh-eating monsters after a lab accident. A T-virus is unleashed by an evil corporation called Umbrella Corp, and it infests the earth with zombies, monsters, and demons. A former employee goes rogue and joins her friends to storm the corporation and stop its evil activities.


Dawn of the Dead (2004), a remake of the original 1978 sequel, is the story of a daughter who turns into a zombie and attacks her mother. After barely managing to escape, the mother soon realizes that her entire neighborhood is teeming with zombies. A policeman questions her before she joins him along with a group of survivors and heads to their local shopping center to seek refuge. After convincing wary security personnel that they’re not contaminated, this group of people joins forces to destroy the zombies. However, their sanctuary soon becomes their prison as hordes of zombies descend on it in such numbers, escaping becomes impossible. But that doesn’t stop a few more survivors from turning up at the mall seeking refuge as they eventually overcome the zombies.


The good news is that you can star in your own version of the zombie apocalypse by playing in the Great Escape Room. In this room, there’s only one way out, but that is the least of your worries. That’s because lying in wait in the shadows are zombies trying to break free from their chains. And you will have only one hour to solve clues and riddles and make your way out before the flesh-eating creatures break free from their chains. Trapped in a room with a zombie is a scary experience and it will set your pulse racing as you attempt to find your freedom with the help of 11 other people.