Our 3 Favorite Zombie Films


As much as the zombie genre is packed with a number of classical movies, there are many new zombie films that have hit the market over the past few years. The new movies are as equally interesting and creative as the old classics.

Here are our 3 favorite zombie films:

Zombeavers –  Director: Jordan Rubin. Year: 2015

Zombeavers is a movie about waste-spawned zombie beavers. It is a blend of horror and comedy, with a lot of jokes but just enough to draw a chuckle. It feels more like a throwback to the 90s horror schlock —simple, plenty of nudity, kitschy premise, lots of humor. When you get to the middle of the film when people turn into WERE-BEAVERS, you will have settled into reverence for the film—because there are some very interesting practical moves and effects.

Burying the Ex – Director: Joe Dante. Year: 2014

Joe Dante is considered a legend in the zombie film industry thanks to great movies such as Gremlins, The Burbs and The Howling. Due to this, seeing his name on a movie always brings it some genre credibility. In this movie, Dante gives a zombie romantic comedy. Anton Yelchin plays Max, a nebbish man with a pretty but possessive girlfriend who dies in an accident. But she doesn’t remain in her grave and ends up returning to Max’s life as a zombie just when he is re-entering the dating market.

What We Become – Director: Bo Mikkelson. Year: 2015

What We Become is a drama zombie film, following a tight-knit family as they are trapped inside their house by zombies. The movie is incredibly shot and brings out its minimal story in an effective way. The third act ratchets up the action and tension, ending up ineffective bloodletting. This film represents the state of modern zombie films —competent and fairly entertaining.