What Escape Rooms Can Do For You?


Are you looking for a fun and exciting thing to do with your friends? Or, want to have a better bond with your colleagues? Or, you are just a puzzle and riddle enthusiast who is in town and wants to have some fun. Then, look no further because the Great Room Escape will give you the opportunity to stretch your wit and drain every ounce of your powers of deduction to escape a room literally.

How it works

This room escape game is fully interactive and enthralling, unlike anything that you have ever experienced. While it may look like any other room, it is actually a great mystery puzzle. Up to 12 participants will enter a room and will have to work together to find hidden objects, figure clues out, solve the challenging puzzles, and earn their ultimate freedom out of the escape room.

You only have 60 minutes, so time is crucial! As the time runs out and the pressure mounts, can you and your team keep calm? Can you escape? Find out by making reservations at the Great Room Escape today.

A lot of themes

What’s most exciting about this room escape game is the many themes it has to offer. The Houdini Room will prove just how witty you are. It will give you the opportunity to help the Great Houdini’s wife contact her beloved husband.

The zombie room is probably the most heart-racing and adrenaline-pumping room of them all. Here, you will be trapped in a room with a zombie, and you will have to uncover clues to escape the exciting agony.

There is also the terminal theme where you are your team are abandoned in a subway station, and you are required to learn a conspiracy that will stop the impending results. The Tomb’s virtual reality will also blow your mind.

Do not miss out on this fascinating escape game. It will definitely pull you out of you. Good luck with your escape!