San Antonio’s Best Detective Game


Great Room Escape happens to be San Antonio’s best detective game and it will provide you with a fascinating as well as interactive experience which you will not easily get anywhere else. There is no need for you to simply sit back and watch this show since it is now possible for you to actively take part in it. In a nutshell, you should never let go of this opportunity of enjoying one of the best escape games on the planet while you’re in San Antonio.

As many as 12 individuals can take part in this game and they have to escape from the room within just one hour. All they need will be to solve puzzles and find clues while trying to escape. Each room is different where you will enjoy different types of adventures in order to test your wit under pressure. The 2 rooms happen to be the Zombie Room and the Cabin.

The Zombie Room

In this particular escape room, you as well as 11 others must find your way out in order to escape from the clutches of a ferocious and bloodthirsty zombie. For this, you are required to solve some puzzles within one hour after which the zombie is going to be unleashed. It will be a mind-boggling adventure that will definitely test your brains as well as patience while you are struggling to break free and escape.

The Cabin

Here, you along with your buddies will be pursued by a dangerous murderer. For this, you will take shelter in a dark cabin. But, you will soon come to learn that you have been trapped by the killer. You need to escape from him before he can catch up with you in just 1 hour.
There is no doubt about the fact that Great Room Escape is a thrilling life gaming experience which you should never miss. After escaping from one of these rooms, you’ll be able to work much better with your other team members than before. Therefore, make it a point to travel to San Antonio in order to experience something that you cannot in your hometown. It will provide you with something different, out of the ordinary!