Horror Game In San Antonio


Dear San Antonio dwellers, got plenty of time in your hand you could spend with your family, but not sure the wisest way to use it? Okay, let me assist you with that. You can be a part of the most buzzing trend of the current era of entertainment with your family. I am talking about the great room escape. There are plenty of things you could do in San Antonio, and the great room escape should stay top among all your priorities. You wonder why? Experience this game yourself and then you will have your question answered.

Great room escape is a horror among the new horror game in San Antonio. It’s a widely appreciated realistic horror, survival game. You guys have probably heard about augmented reality, virtual reality. But this game is straight out of the reality you truly live in. So forget all those costly virtual and augmented reality, where the reality itself is awaiting to become your game. Great room escape is one of the greatest survival games of all time according to the gamers who have experienced this game so far with their friends and families.

The idea of an escape room game first came from some Japanese game designer. They used to design graphics for games. But they did think something different where you don’t have to design the graphics but the graphics itself is ready. All you got to do is to prepare them. The great room escape is such a game where you will be given 60 minutes and a murderer is set to ruin your survival attempt in 60 minutes. But you don’t know what that murderer is and it’s the real twist. Now you have to use your IQ and do anything to survive out of that puzzled, great room. But remember, your time is only 60 minutes!