Scary Game In San Antonio


Great Room Escape in San Antonio hosts an amazingly scary adventure. Escape games are sweeping the nation as the next best in-person gaming experience. They will test your intelligence and patience. Up to 12 people can enter one of the escape rooms. The challenge is to find a way out in a limited amount of time. The process, teamwork, and accompanying stress result in pure fun. Or is it possibly pure evil? Only time will tell if you can survive the fully immersive puzzle. It’s a uniquely rewarding experience that provides chills, thrills, and excitement.


Fans of the horror film genre or horror video games will enjoy the task at hand. You’ll have a countdown that ticks as you battle your knowledge and the individual room in question. It’s a live scenario situation that unfolds directly in front of your eyes. The only hitch is the pressure mounts as you try to find your way out. The clock seems to tick faster and faster as you wrestle for a solution. Only time separates you and your friends from an untimely demise if you don’t succeed. Clues can be hard to find with a simple glance. Nothing comes easy in this scary game. It’s a puzzle of epic proportions.


Can you collaborate to figure out how you can leave the room? Will you consult one another or will one ego stand in the way? You’ll need to put on your thinking cap quickly if you want to muster up an exit. You don’t have much time. The Escape Room will challenge your observation skills. Can you find things with a closer look? Can you examine things closely enough to find the next clue? It’s an opportunity for people of all ages to diffuse a scary situation. You’ll need to reveal things that aren’t visible upon your entrance into the room. It takes time but the right combination of participants can survive. You just have to unlock the intelligence within yourself to make it happen.


The Escape Room could be considered by some to be a scary game. There are elements that will provide frightening moments like some of your favorite horror films. The stress and screams from fellow observers can make a grown man cry. It is also regarded as a thinking game. You really need to utilize your wits as a group to figure out what initially seems impossible. Can you leave the room before the time expires? This escape game may triumph if you don’t find the correct clues.

You’ll have to battle yourself, your fellow participants, and the clock. Ultimately, you can provide the answer to the key that unlocks the room. You’ll find the escape very rewarding. That’s if you escape!

Great Room Escape is available for individuals or corporate outings. It’s the ultimate team bonding experience for small to large companies. Great Room Escape has several room options to choose from. You can also reserve your escape room for birthday parties.