Zombie Game In San Antonio


Zombies eat flesh. Zombies are flat out scary. Anyone who watched a zombie film is aware of that. What happens when a zombie invades your living space?

You find yourself trapped in a room with no apparent way out. The last thing you want is to encounter the zombie. Your team has to filter clues and riddles to decipher your way out of the fully immersive puzzle. You don’t need a degree in the history of zombies to know what’s coming is bad. You’ll search furiously for the clues to solve the mystery. It’s an amazingly scary twist on the escape room brand. The Zombie Game is not for the faint of heart. It’s an escape game for serious competitors looking for the ultimate challenge. The only hitch is you may need serious help from your teammates. One individual won’t typically be enough to solve all the riddles and questions. It’s a team bonding effort.

Getting close to families hurts the individual but helps the team. It can a huge morale lifter.

Your clues are the key to walking away unscathed. It’s the only thing that separates you from a zombie apocalypse. You have 60 minutes to finish the puzzle. You and 11 other individuals will have to decide if it’s worthwhile to work together or to perish alone. The Zombie doesn’t care either way. He’s just anxious to feed.

Time is certainly of the essence. In this traditional spin on the escape room brand, you need to find your way out fast. 60 minutes may seem like an adequate amount of time. It may seem like an eternity. As the clock ticks, the pressure seems insurmountable as your team tries to focus on the task at hand. Which direction do you turn? Does your team go with a consensus vote or does one truly intelligent idea stand out? Time is running out as you try to decide. Decisions need to made quickly. The Zombie is nearby. One misstep could dramatically hurt your group.

You’ll need to collaborate before the zombie approaches. A door needs to be unlocked for your escape. You will need to answer riddles and search for clues. You can save everyone with a little wisdom. Will anyone listen? Can you get through to your teammates? It’s the ultimate team-building experience. Listening skills are utilized often. You’ll have to interpret broad and narrow clues to progress.

12 souls fight collectively to resolve the issue. You can unlock the door and go home safe. If you don’t, the zombie will be your ultimate demise. The fast-paced zombie game could reveal leaders and followers. It provides a quick glimpse of future leaders. Those who can make correct decisions fast are potential superstars. Those who can avoid the Zombie could be amazingly versatile.

The Zombie Game is open for corporate events and team-building exercises.