Corporate Team Building Activity

Escape Game Team Building ActivityIncreasingly, companies looking for fun and exciting team building activities are turning to escape rooms. These rooms provide a way for companies to increase team communication and cohesion in a fun way, and are a great opportunity for large and small conpanies to improve team dynamics.

Escape Games

An escape room is a room where you are locked for an hour with a group of people and the goal is to figure out clues and find your way out before the time expires. The rooms have various themes, and the decorations and puzzles fit with the themes. You choose a theme that is interesting and appropriate for your group, whether it is escaping from a zombie or an escape set in a historical setting. There are many options to choose from and rooms change regularly so that you can go back and discover new challenges. Because there are numerous items to find, puzzles to solve, and clues to discover, a successful escape requires everyone work together and communicate well.

Exciting Team Building

Escape rooms are perfect team building activities for building corporate moral. They require minimal planning and are a fun way to promote team bonding. Escaping the room requires everyone’s involvement and good communication between team members. It challenges your team to discover creative solutions as they work together to solve the clues. This experience of collaboration helps break down barriers to working together and provides a concrete example of how your team can join forces to accomplish a shared goal. Team building in this way is invaluable in building commitment to the company and fellow employees as they bond together and learn to work toward a common goal. It also provides an opportunity to perform together under pressure as the time to escape runs out.

Make the Most of Your Escape

Debriefing after a corporate team building escape helps reinforce the experience and provides for further opportunities to share and learn together. Consider participating in one escape room, having a time of debriefing, and then participating in a second escape from a different room. This provides your team with additional time to practice the skills they are developing and learn from their first attempt. Debrief again after the second escape to discuss ways they were able to improve their ability to work together and complete the game. Use the observations gathered during the activity to discover behavior patterns among team members, identify areas of communication breakdown, and determine team strengths.
Great Room Escape offers a perfect group activity in Chicago that is unique and fun. Combining escape rooms with a debriefing period creates a successful, interactive event that can bring your team closer together and help them work together more effectively. Companies in Chicago can take advantage of the variety of escape games offered by Great Room Escape. When you are looking for an activity to build community and communication among your team, consider making a daring escape from a locked room.