What is an escape room?

Picture this: A dozen people are locked in a room for an hour, with only their wits and problem-solving skills to find a way out as the stress builds around them. A living puzzle, real-life video games, interactive entertainment or an intense team-building experience.

Each room concept has a tension or pressure element, making it just a little more challenging to recall simple spelling and arithmetic needed to solve puzzles. This element makes the escape rooms the perfect environment for team building.

How can I see available times?

Just click the “Buy Now” or “Book Now” buttons on your specific location page. You will be shown a list of open time slots to choose from before you start your purchase.

What Happens if i'm Late?

The game begins at exactly the time prescribed. If you are late you will not be allowed into the room. If another show that day has openings, we will try to accommodate, however there will be no refunds. Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before the game begins.

Do I need to have 12 people to go?

The maximum capacity of each game is different. You do not have to have 12 people in your group to play the game, and we may not be able to fit 12 depending on the room, though they are often easier to solve with more people. Unless you rent the entire room, you will be placed with other gamers who purchased the same time slot.

Can I use my cell phone?

Cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices are not allowed into the room.

Is there an age limit?

6 and under: will not be allowed in the game. This includes toddles/babies, even if you have a baby carrier or offer to hold them, we unfortunately cannot allow them in the game nor do we have a waiting area so make sure you plan ahead for a sitter for the young ones.

7-12: must be accompanied by an adult/parent/guardian during the game.

13-18: can participate in the game without an adult but will need to be accompanied by adult at check-in.

Can I participate if pregnant?

Pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, should evaluate if they would like to be involved in a room where escape room guests often run around, please call our customer service number to find out which room may be best.

Are the doors really locked?

This is real, Folks! However, every precaution has been taken that in the event of an emergency, or even at the request of any guest at any time, the doors can be safely and quickly unlocked using emergency escape buttons. Staff members are constantly watching guests over the camera security system to monitor for emergency situations while actors in each room can constantly communicate with staff members.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your inner detective. Nothing else is required or allowed into the room.

Can I just have my group in a room?

If you want to have just your friends or family experience the game, simply purchase all the tickets for a show.

Can I change my booking?

Please try to only book your show if you know you are available. However, we will try to accommodate changes two days in advance of the show time.

Do I have to be really smart?

Nothing in the game requires special training or skills. You just have to be willing to work as a team and be persistent.

What is the refund policy?

Like sporting events and other attractions, we do not give refunds under any circumstances.

What makes us different?

The Great Room Escape is unique because of its quality, Hollywood-worthy interactive sets, attention to detail, actor presence and cohesive clue streams. It is truly a 4-D

Can I bring my phone inside?

In order to keep the games fair, cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices are not permitted inside the rooms during play (unless you are a professional on call).

Will I be put with people I don't know?

You will have a private room for your group. You will never be grouped with other people. 

How do I use a voucher code?


  1. Choose the date, time, and number of participants.
  2. Enter your name, email, and phone number. Then the payment window will pop up.
  3. Underneath all of the price listings, there will be a button that says “Have a Code”.
  4. Press the button, and you can enter your voucher code. If it’s a Groupon, then it’s an 8-letter code.

*only one voucher code allowed per reservation

Are you ADA accessible?

All of our locations are ADA accessible except our San Antonio location.