Best Horror Video Games


Just like horror movies, horror video games are also extremely popular. There are many games with extremely scary and haunted themes that will send shivers down your spine. Here are some of the best horror video games:


  1. Layers of Fear: This game takes us back to the 1900s. You will have to play the role of a painter who has gone mad because of some turmoil. Now he wanders throughout the corridors of his haunted mansion to finish his masterpiece. The mansion looks extremely scary. You will come across several haunted things while trying to collect ingredients for the painting. While searching for the ingredients, you will also come across several deep secrets hidden in the mansion. The creepy, background music also perfectly complements the haunted scenes.


  1. Lone Survivor: You are the only human left in the world and you will have to survive alone without anyone’s help. You will have to search for supplies like food to keep you alive and you also have to protect yourself from monsters trying to kill you. Since you won’t get proper food, you will suffer from hallucinations. Hence, you also have to make sure that you don’t go mad.


  1. Dead Space: In this game, you will have to play the role of engineer Isaac Clarke who has been trapped in an empty spacecraft. However, he soon finds out that the spacecraft is not really empty. Because of an alien artifact, all the persons who were on the spacecraft before has been transformed into flesh-eating monsters. You will have to survive in spite of having limited ammo.


  1. Until Dawn: The game is about a group of teenagers who went on vacation on a remote mountain. However, they soon find out that some mysterious entity is out there trying to kill them. Your job is to survive. The scariest part about this game is the gruesome death of some of the teens.