Best Murder Mystery Game


When it comes to family time or just to spend a while enjoying with your friends there is nothing better than playing games; Murder and Mystery games to be precise. The best murder mystery games enable you to use your intelligence, get to know each other and their abilities, and most important of all, have a lot of Fun. While you get ready to experience those here are the few best murder mystery games available:

  1. SimpliFun

SimpliFun is simply one of the most fun games to play as the name suggests. The kit includes printable invitation cards along with thank you cards. It also has room décor, a script, and activities that follow the script. With two ways to play it the first being- Know it all where you know everything from the script to the mystery to the murderer while the second is one is where only the narrator knows the murderer and the others have to solve the mystery using the character profiles each member gets. The kits have instructions and are easy to implement while also being affordable.

  1. Shot in The Dark

Shot in the Dark is one of the best murder mystery games out there due to it being entertaining and rolling out plot twists that will make it harder and harder to figure out the killer. Well-paced and incredibly engaging you will have great fun and will have a better bonding with your family or friends after you are done with it. With all the accessories and essentials this game comes with guides, instructions, name tags, accusation forms, and invitations, and character information. You also get free access to the company’s site where they have made a trailer of the game which you can share with your invitees to intrigue them further.

  1. Merri Mysteries

With various scenarios and different locations such as islands, Hollywood, and the Wild West this game can accommodate 10 to over 100 people. With, each kit you will get instructions, a guide for the host, invitations that can be printed, and clue booklets that contain clues for every character. The guide also includes how-to guides for making props, decorating homes, and costumes. It is truly one of the best murder mystery games in the market.