Escape From A Real Zombie


It gives you a wonderful experience and creates unforgettable memories that are worth revisiting on your own when chatting with your family members, friends, colleagues at work. But what exactly is the great room escape and how does it feel to escape from a real zombie?


The Great Room Escape

The Great Room Escape is a puzzle style, real-life video game, in which you can guess what it involves by just looking at the name. There are various different room escape games depending on the room’s theme. Some of these include the Zombie room, in which the main goal is to try and escape from a real zombie as a participant. To make your escape, you have to solve a couple of riddles and make use of clues in the room. You can enjoy the immersive experience provided by the game from Great Room Escape, whose official website is They have various escape game themes, including the popular Zombie Room, and others such as the Houdini Room, the Terminal Room, and the Tomb.


About The Zombie Room

Ever experienced a situation where you’re trapped in a room with a zombie and there’s no way out, literally? Yeah, it’s thrilling, immersive, adventurous, and plenty of fun. The game can take up to a total of 12 participants, you included, with each one trying to find their way out of the room using clues and riddles in the room. The escape has to be done within a limited amount of time (60 minutes) or the zombie is unleashed off its chains. Don’t forget that the zombie is blood-thirsty and charging so you have to decipher the clues and solve riddles fast before it breaks off of its chain links.


Great Room Escape escape room games are suitable for family and friends, colleagues in team building, travelers, and game enthusiasts. For more information, tickets, and illustrative videos visit the Great Room Escape official website at There are also coupons for 10% off the original reservation price upon signup.