Clue: The Board Game


Clue board game is a classic detective game that has 9 rooms with six colored tokens representing the number of suspects. There are also six miniature weapons; Wrench, Candlestick, knife, Rope, a Revolver, and Lead pipe. On the board is a pack of cards representing the six suspects, six weapons, and 9 rooms. A confidential case file envelope, notebooks, and a die are also available for the gameplay.

Game setup

  • The gameplay is simple; all you need to do is set up the suspect token & place it on the assigned starting space. If the players are less than six, be sure to replace the remaining tokens with the appropriate names since they might get involved in the crime.
  • Place each of the weapons randomly in a room then sort the cards into 3 groups; Rooms suspects and weapons. You then need to shuffle each of the groups (face-down) then draw one card from each and slide them into the confidential case file envelope.
  • Transfer the envelope onto the mark “X” in the center of the board. Shuffle the 3 piles of the remaining cards together (face down) around the table in a clockwise manner.


The object of the game surrounds an event where Mr. Boddy is found dead in his mansion and the players must determine; who killed them, where and using what weapon. Miss scarlet, (with the red card) starts the game and the turn continues clockwise around the table. The rules of the game state that:

  • A player can either move the card vertically or horizontally, backward or forward but not diagonally.
  • A player is not allowed to enter the same space more than once on the same turn.
  • A player cannot enter a space already occupied by another player.


Unless you move via the secret passage, you’ll need to roll the die on every play; otherwise, you can move immediately to the next room. Your opponents might also block the doors and trap you in the room; hence you need someone to unblock or move the door to leave. The game is an interesting one where you can make suggestions and accuse the other suspects. If your suggestion matches with the one in the envelope, you can place the three cards face-up on the table to prove it & you’ll have won the game.