Escape Room Strategies – Tips And Tricks On How To Beat Your Escape Room


If you’re an escape room enthusiast, you want to be able to beat the room in the time limit, every time. It takes more than just one smart person to solve an escape room. Teamwork, communication, and planning all go into a great escape room experience. So, here are some escape room tips and tricks to help you and your team beat your escape room, and to get a great score, every time. These escape room hints and cheats will help you have a great time when you and your team tackle your next escape room.

Check out our escape room tips below, and increase your escape room score!

  1. Assemble your team
  2. Plan ahead and be positive
  3. Spread out and find something to work on
  4. Communicate
  5. Don’t dawdle in the beginning
  6. Use your clues
  7. Pass the baton
  8. Make your plan for fun! Book your room!

Assemble your team

While many rooms can fit up to 10 people, the best balance is between 4 to 6 players. This has a number of benefits – it keeps the number of people who speak up to a minimum, it gives everyone space to work, it lets you divide up the number of people who are working in the room, and keeps things manageable. It’s not the number in a team that ensures success, it’s how well everyone can work together to tackle the room’s challenges. A manageable number of people can fit into the theme of the room can help increase your score. If you have a group of 10 people or more, you may want to split your group up into two teams who take on the room at different times or tackle two different rooms. One of the biggest “escape room cheats” is having a well-prepared team.

Plan ahead and be positive

If you and a group of friends have gotten together to tackle an escape room, it’s wise to find out as much as you can about the room before you go in. If at all possible, go in with a plan! Successful escape room teams aren’t necessarily composed of the “smartest” people, but the people who can work the best together. The more time you spend learning about the room and it’s backstory and making a plan, the better score you will get.As the timer runs down, don’t panic! Keep working in a steady manner until the end. Keeping a cool head, having fun, and staying positive will not only make the game more enjoyable but also help increase your final score.

Spread out and find something to work on

Once the timer starts, your team should quickly decide what each team member will be doing and then spread out, each tackling a different section of the room. Don’t bunch up and don’t focus on one thing, but take a scan of the entire round with input from everyone. If it is allowed, using a notepad to gather clues is essential.


This is the most important part of getting a high escape room score. Make sure to communicate clues and information as you find them but be careful that your team members do not talk or shout over each other. It will be very tempting to shout due to enthusiasm and fun but making sure that everyone is heard and that all the clues come together is essential. A team leader whose job is just to listen and put clues together can help a team stay organized and on track. This is the king of escape room tips, keep it in mind as much as you can!

Don’t dawdle in the beginning

Especially if this is your first time in an escape room, there will be a tendency to just simply take in everything. While enjoying the atmosphere of the escape room is great, remember that you only have an hour! Make sure to stay focused and work together. Time management and a good attitude will help increase your score.

Use your clues

Don’t let your ego get in the way. Your Game Master is committed to you having a great experience! Make use of as many of your escape room clues and free escape room answers as you need to. Your goal is to beat the room with the best score possible and using your clues if you get stuck is no weakness. Your escape room spoilers are tools to solving the room – use them like you would anything else. Don’t waste your escape room hints.

Pass the baton

Sometimes looking at a puzzle takes many eyes. If you or another teammate get stuck on a particular part of the room, switch out! Having a teammate swap tasks with you can give you the fresh eyes needed to solve that particular puzzle. Don’t hesitate to swap a particular task around to different teammates if one of you gets stuck.

Make your plan for fun! Book your room!

This is the biggest tip. Escape rooms are great for families, teams, and anyone who wants to sharpen their problem solving or team-building skills. We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips to escape rooms. So, don’t wait! Find your nearest Great Room Escape location, and book a room today!