Who Are Escape Rooms Perfect For?


The Escape Game is becoming increasingly popular because of the fun-filled and learning experiences it offers players. This game basically adopts a puzzle-style, real-life video game similar to a movie. Before you begin the room escape mission, you’ll be locked in a themed room, where you and 12 other people will work together to uncover the clues to find your way out.


Whom Is The Escape Game Perfect For?

The Room Escape game is designed for anyone who wants to enjoy a real-life game set in different themes. If you’re a game enthusiast who loves to unlock puzzles, this can be a great game for you. The game also provides fun-filled adventures for family, friends, and travelers who would want to try something new. It can also provide a perfect opportunity for corporate team building for employees.


How Can You Book A Reservation For The Game?

The Escape Game is available in several Great Room Escape establishments in several major cities. Some of the cities where you can enjoy playing the game include Chicago, San Antonio, Old San Juan, Layton, New York, and San Diego. If you’re visiting any of these cities, you can conveniently buy a ticket and make a reservation for the game. Come with family, friends, or colleagues to enjoy a thrilling and learning real-life game.


What Themes Can Be Great For Your Team?

With Great Room Escape Chicago, you can choose to play from any of the seven clearly defined themes. The major themes of the room escape include Zombie, Cabin, Relic, Terminal, Lab, Houdini, and Custom. You can choose to be trapped in a room with a zombie or in The Tomb, where you’ll be required to discover the clues in order to escape from this scary menace. In the Houdini Room escape game theme, you will need to help Houdini a dead artist make contact with his wife (as agreed in the pact) before time elapses. Your team will also face different hurdles when escaping from a cabin, terminal car crash, custom, and relic themes.



Great Escape Room provides an opportunity for experienced gamers and first-time players to enjoy the gameplay. You’ll be provided with all you need from themed rooms to clues all through to escape channels. This game simply brings 3D video gaming to life. You simply can’t get enough of the Escape Room game.