Zombie Hunting Weapons


In the creative arts, gaming, and fantasy worlds, zombies, or the spirit of the dead’, are common elements used to create excitement and thrill. Zombie hunting is a common aspect in major films such as The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, and many others. As a matter of fact, zombie hunting is even more interesting when it comes to the gaming world. In most movies, the stars go zombie hunting, where they carry a certain set of weaponry. And let’s face it; fighting a zombie with your bare hands is kind of a suicide mission. We’ve seen it in the cinemas and it applies in the zombie games too. if you’re a zombie escape game hobbyist or a great fan of zombie movies, it is not unusual to have a common question at the back of your mind, what is the best weapon for zombie hunting?


Zombie Hunting Weapons

We’ve seen quite a number of zombie-hunting weapons in the entertainment scenes. Some of the most common ones include the shotgun, the katana, chainsaws, flamethrowers, Telsa balls, and Kung Fu. Some such as the lawnmower can be weird but effective in fighting your zombie enemy or hunting them down. The three most popular and effective weapons, however, seem to be the katana samurai sword, the shotgun, and the chainsaw. In the Walking Dead (popular TV series) the katana sword seems to be far more effective and can be safely quoted as one of the best, if not the best of the best weapons for zombie hunting. Guns are also not to be estimated, unless, of course, you run out of bullets.


Escape From a Zombie Room

Great Room Escape is an immersive and fully interactive game that provides you with the opportunity to enjoy this thrilling fun as you try to escape from a room using clues and solving riddles. There are various themes, including the Zombie escape room, in which the main goal is to escape within a set time of 60 minutes before the blood-thirsty zombie breaks free from its chains and pursues you. Suitable for families and friends, travelers, team building members, and game enthusiasts, the game takes up to 12 participants, who enter the room and try to escape within an hour’s time. With every tick of the clock, some pressure mounts, and the challenge gets more interesting as you’re trapped in a room with a chained, charging zombie. What matters most is whether or not you can stay calm and whether you can beat the time and escape the room before the zombie pursues.


Apart from the zombie escape room, other room escape games from the provider include the Tomb, the Houdini Room, and the Terminal Room. More information about the great room escape and the zombie escape room can be found on the official website, greatroomescape.com. For corporate team building members, Great Room Escape also provides catering and meeting room facilities.