What Is Great Room Escape


Here’s how it works; as many as 12 individuals enter a room and have one hour to escape. The clues and riddles they will need to gain their freedom are in hiding places throughout the chamber. The clock ticks, the pressure mounts, but the captured 12 must remain confident and focused if they intend to escape.


Instead of asking, “What is an Escape Room?”, perhaps you should have asked how many escape rooms are there because, in fact, four escape games are at the location.


  1. In the Cabin Room, the group will be pursued by a serial killer. Hey, we didn’t say it wouldn’t be scary! The people in the room should find a way to get into a dark cabin for refuge. But wait, the killer has set all this up to fool them, and they have one hour to get out before the killer arrives at the cabin.


  1. The Zombie Room traps its victims, and there is no way to escape. Bloodthirsty Zombies are planning on overtaking everyone in the room. In a mere 60 minutes, those gathered in the dark space must find clues, decipher riddles, uncover keys, and race away before their time runs out.


  1. And the newest and most cerebral escape game is Countdown, where four participants must bring the system that is sending a sabotaged missile toward their location back online. They have only one hour to bring the system back on and avoid disaster.


The Great Escape Rooms also includes a Corporate Team Building Room for companies that want to have their employees experience an event that builds collaboration.


Call the Great Escape Room number listed on its website to have the time of your life…or, maybe you never escape! Mwah-ha-ha…