Types Of Zombies


There are many different types of zombies portrayed in films and games. Although they are largely categorized as slow and fast zombies, let’s try to shed some light on the other types of Zombies:

Biological zombies

Parasites modify the host creature’s behavior. It’s believed that a zombie could be caused by a strange alien disease or a bacteria organism. In most cases, they are very aggressive. Every person fears the plague. Examples of biological zombies include those found in the escape room game. You must solve challenging puzzles together with eleven other people before a bloodthirsty zombie invades the room. The player must uncover the riddles to discover the keys to his or her freedom.

Supernatural zombies

These are zombies that are created in a supernatural way. It involves reanimating the dead who has been attacked by spirits.

Chemical zombies

Strange chemicals are discovered and are meant to bring back the dead to life. They are created by bad people to experiment with the effectiveness of the compound in question. In most cases, a crazed scientist is featured or greedy corporations who have the goal of controlling the masses. The idea is to stop them before they start harming other healthy humans. They are infected by the virus and usually infect any person who gets into contact with them. A person is usually killed then reanimated with a virus. Examples are like those found in escape games.

Technological zombies

This is the use of advanced technology to bring the dead back to life. It involves taking a worthless person and turning him or her into a useful zombie. Some machines are added to keep the dead going.

Constructed zombie

Remains of other creatures are used to create the zombie.

Magic zombie

Cultures have stories of otherworldly powers. The zombies come as a result of the powers possessed by witches, sorcerers, etc. The powers are used to reanimate the dead. However; the mystical forces are not in any way linked to religion. The zombies will follow the will of the creator.