Throw A Murder Mystery Dinner


If you are looking for a cool reason to spend time with your friends or you just want a fun theme for your next party, maybe you should host a murder mystery dinner party. Bringing together guests for a dinner party, murder mystery dinner parties are increasingly becoming popular. Depending on your guests’ personalities and their talents, the level of your success will vary. Here is how to throw a murder mystery dinner

Send out invitations

You need to send out invitations to inform your guests about the game that will be played during the party. You can also send out a personal note describing the kind of character that each guest will play. This will tell them how they are supposed to dress for the party. All the players will be suspects and everyone will be trying to find a solution.

Plan and set up the venue

In this game, the more the number of guests, the longer it will take to solve. However, for this type of game, 6-10 people are just enough. The number of guests that you invite should be the same as the number of weapons, rooms, and players that you want to include in the game. For instance, for 8 rooms and eight characters, there should be eight people playing the game. Also, assign your guests to the characters that they feel comfortable with.

The game process

The mystery game is usually divided into rounds where each guest will receive clues on how to solve the mystery. Before the guests come, print out the clues and put them in envelopes. As they enjoy appetizers, distribute the first round of clues. Each clue will have one clue to conceal and one clue to reveal. The one to reveal is the one that they can tell other guests.

You can also visit the great room escape website and enjoy a fully interactive experience. In this game, up to 15 participants enter a room and are given one hour to escape. The riddles and clues in the room will provide the tools needed for the objective. This escape room game is one of the best escape games.

After dinner, all the guests should gather for the final round and then ask everyone about their solutions. You should also have a top envelope that has the solution to the murder. Once everyone is done, open the envelope. The most important thing is to enjoy the game and have fun. It should be entertaining and lighthearted.