Team Building Exercises For Work


Team building is a wide range of activities used in many spheres but having particular importance in the business world for the improvement of performance, and with the additional objective of bonding. The bonding exercises can be simple or complex simulations that will depend on the time available. They will normally have a direct relationship to organizational development and are targeted at bringing out the best in a team to ensure that self-development occurs and communication skills grow. Leadership skills are brought to the forefront, and the understanding of working together is developed.

Types of team-building exercises for work:

Exercises in trust

Trust is at the base of all good relationships and will establish a good working atmosphere. The activities will be based on mental and physical tests that will make you dependent on the judgments of others so that you have to place trust in them.

Problem-solving and making decisions

These are focused on groups working together with the sole intention of solving tasks posed for them. The exercises will have a relation to those that they will face in everyday life and business life so that they have relevance.


This is probably the most important as how you communicate builds trust and will assist in problem-solving. The way we communicate is an area that we do not always think about, but within the working environment, it is essential. How you delegate work will depend on the response you receive. How you solve a problem will also depend on how you communicate with your peers.

Planning for change

As people, change is not an area that we enjoy. We are comfortable in surroundings that we are familiar with and new challenges at work do not always excite us. How we plan for that change is important, and the team-building exercise will allow us to understand the planning and implementation of any solution we may have arrived at.

The exercises can often be built over a long weekend in Great Room Escape, where the exercises can be mixed with some relaxation and conviviality over good food and wine.