5 Facts About Rocky Horror Picture Show


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic horror film that achieved cult status. However, you may be unaware of some facts like:

  1. The Set was inspired by a real mansion: The set where the entire film was shot was actually inspired by a rotting old mansion located near London. The name of the mansion was Oakley mansion. As soon as the set designers saw the mansion, they instantly decided that they will take inspiration from the model of the mansion to design the set.
  1. The skeleton inside the clock was actual: While watching the movie, you will be able to spot a red-colored clock that had a skeleton inside it. Well apparently, that is a real skeleton. It belongs to the lady who made the clock. It was sold at an auction in 2002 for 35000 dollars.
  1. One of the most famous scenes in this movie was when Frank removed the tablecloth from the table and all the actors were shocked to see a corpse lying under there. However, what made this scene even more special was that the actors weren’t told before about the corpse. All the reactions were completely original.
  1. Initially, the director decided that majority of the movie would be shot in black and white. As per him, Frank’s entrance would be the first color scene in the movie. The reason was to show the audience that Janet and Brad were living in a boring world and their world became colorful only after they met Frank. However, the producers didn’t like the idea and I don’t think anyone regrets that.
  1. Peter, the actor who played the role of Rocky, didn’t even speak any of his lines. He was selected just because of his good looks and great body. A separate person had to be hired to speak his lines.


These are some interesting facts about the Rocky Horror Picture Show which most people don’t know.