Escape Room In San Antonio


It’s a lifelong argument that we should spend money on what thrills us as opposed to material possessions. How does the thrill of experiencing adrenaline and being the main character in the story sound to you? Intriguing, right? If you like this kind of experience, then you will love Great Room Escape in San Antonio, Texas.


If you ever heard about escape games or anything resembling a video game or a survival race in which you are the main character in the story, a stop by San Antonio is a must. Why? Because this is home to the best escape room in the entire American continent. You will have one hour to solve all the puzzles and leave the room in order to experience a well-developed scenario that will take your nerves to their wits ends.


Once the puzzles are completed, you now have the choice of being pursued by a killer, zombies, or even escape from a missile attack. This is a great way to develop your leadership and survival skills. These types of escape games are popular in team-building activities because they help in cohesion as a team and also test one’s ability to stand out as a leader.


The challenge can be shared with as many as 12 participants in each of the aforementioned themes. This however does not apply in the missile target room simply called “Countdown” where only 4 participants can play.


Getting trapped with friends, family or colleagues should bring out the best or worst in you. That’s why this experience is so appealing. Because you will have to make decisions at a steady pace just to leave the room and “survive”. How you behave with your teammates will largely affect how they will relate to your post gaming mode. A cool and collected attitude will get you far and assist in the overall outcome of the game for you and your teammates.


This is one of the best escape rooms you will find because you will face a problem and find a way out, all-the-while bonding with everyone in the team. If you want to show off your survival skills to your partner, this may be the ultimate date plan. So, the next time you visit San Antonio, keep in mind that Great Room Escape is a couple of blocks away from the Alamodome and the Lila Cockrell Theatre.
One of the most thrilling experiences of your life is waiting for you to take the challenge and survive the onslaught. Enjoy the thrill, keep the experience, and write a story about it. Sounds great? What are you waiting for? Go out and play.