Things To Do In San Antonio


San Antonio is a beautiful city filled with all kinds of landmarks, heritage centers, and historical points of interest. But what if you’re looking for a weekend activity that’s a little more exciting than the usual tourist attractions? If you want a fun, out-of-the-box experience during your trip to the Lone Star State, here are just five unique things to do in San Antonio.

  1. Ghost Tours

One of the quirks of San Antonio is the prevalence of “ghost tours” that take visitors around churches, bridges, graveyards, and abandoned buildings. Some relay gossip about real-life murders and the spirits that supposedly linger after the violence; others pass on myths and folk legends about the otherworldly nature of the sights. Are you brave enough to seek out a San Antonio ghost tour? You might take something home with you that you didn’t anticipate.


  1. Unusual Animal Collections

Most people go to the San Antonio Zoo when they want a dose of nature’s creatures. If you like to live on the wild side, however, you might hit up the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch or the Texas Snake Farm. The latter is especially renowned for its hands-on approach that allows visitors to hold its slithering, sibilant masses. Some people even pose for selfies with snakes wrapped around their necks!


  1. Escape Rooms

Could you find your way out of a locked room with nothing but clues and puzzles hidden inside it? What if you were locked in that same escape room with a dozen strangers all trying to do the same thing? There’s nothing like an escape game to get your mind racing and your blood pumping, so you’ll definitely want to check out San Antonio’s “locked box” mysteries during your next vacation.


  1. Quirky Museums

The Frontier Times Museum has an entire collection devoted to two-headed things. Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum displays toilet seats bedazzled with glitter and jewels. There’s no shortage of strange, off-beat museums in the greater San Antonio area, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that all museums are boring. Some of them can be the most fun things to do in the entire city.


  1. Roadside Attractions

Last but certainly not least, you can’t visit San Antonio without doing the road trip thing and hitting up all of the city’s oversized oddities. For example, “the world’s biggest cowboy boots” eclipse the local mall while gigantic wax monsters loom over everyone at the Plaza Wax Museum. The best thing about these attractions is that they’re fun for all ages and genders, so they’ll make an unusual and enjoyable family activity for everyone.


These are just a few unique experiences that you can have during your next trip to San Antonio. Whether it’s fighting through an escape room or petting an animal that you usually aren’t allowed to pet, the most important thing is that you’re pushing your limits and venturing beyond your comfort zone. This is the only way that you’ll enjoy a truly unforgettable vacation!