Making Your Great Escape – What Is An Escape Room?


A lot of people are asking, “what is an escape room?” From team building to night club alternative, escape rooms are now all the craze. We’ll let you in on all the secrets of escape rooms, and how you and your crew can enjoy one of the smartest types of entertainment that nearly any group of people can enjoy. Escape rooms are ideal for corporate team building, family fun, even for dates! Learn more as we dive into the escape room phenomenon. What is the escape room? Find out below!

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  • What are escape rooms?
  • What was the first escape room?
  • Why are they so popular?
  • What should I expect in my escape room experience?
  • What is an escape room like?
  • Who can play?
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What are escape rooms?

While many rooms can fit up to 10 people, the best balance is between 4 to 6 players. This has a number of benefits – it keeps the number of people who speak up to a minimum, it gives everyone space to work, it lets you divide up the number of people who are working in the room, and keeps things manageable. It’s not the number in a team that ensures success, it’s how well everyone can work together to tackle the room’s challenges. A manageable number of people can fit into the theme of the room can help increase your score. If you have a group of 10 people or more, you may want to split your group up into two teams who take on the room at different times or tackle two different rooms. One of the biggest “escape room cheats” is having a well-prepared team.

What was the first escape room?

If you ask, “what is Escape The Room”, you may get a video game answer. The first escape room began with a video game. Toshimitsu Takagi created the concept in the video game Crimson Room, a point and click adventure game created in 2004. By 2007, the Japanese company SCRAP created the first live escape room. The concept spread rapidly between 2007 and 2013, first to China and then into Europe, eventually making its way into the United States. The first live escape rooms started appearing in the United States by 2013. Their explosive popularity had people asking “what is an escape room game?” all over the world, since escape room games combine unique elements of problem-solving, mystery, and role-play that no one had seen before.

Why are they so popular?

Escape rooms are an incredibly immersive team-building mystery experience. They combine the best elements of live-action roleplaying, whodunit, and a little bit of tension as players are ‘trapped’ up to a certain time limit. Escape rooms call for teamwork, a cool head, and wits, as players solve the immersive and entertaining puzzles that make up an escape room. Escape rooms make a great way for family groups of friends, and even teammates at work to come together to make use of group problem-solving skills, develop leadership abilities, and enjoy a great mystery.

What should I expect in my escape room experience?
What is an escape room like?

An escape room takes 60 minutes to play. When you arrive (and arrive on time!) you’ll be briefed by a game master as to the backstory of the room, what the safety and other rules are, and what you can expect. Make sure to secure your belongings and use the washroom before you begin, as you will be locked in the room for 1 hour with no cell phone.Escape rooms can come in a variety of themes – horror, fantasy dungeon adventure, sci-fi, spy thriller, and so on. Once the game master is done briefing you, your escape room adventure will begin! Don’t forget that you will have several hints that you can ask your game master for. If your entire team is stuck, don’t hesitate to ask your game master will help you. Even if you are out of hints, still ask your game master. Maybe you just need a clue clarified, or a piece of information repeated.

Who can play?

At Great Room Escape, players who are ages 7 to 12 can play if accompanied by an adult. Players ages 13 and up can join in but will need to be accompanied by an adult at check-in. We advise pregnant women in their 3rd trimester should contact us for details of the room – some rooms involve a lot of movement, and we want all our guests to have a great experience. See our FAQ for more information.

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So, What is an escape room? Escape rooms are incredibly fun and interactive team-building experiences, enjoyable by nearly everyone. Don’t wait – find the nearest Great Escape location nearest you and check out the various room experiences and packages we have to offer. Great Room Escape is great for corporate events, birthdays, or as an alternative for friends looking for a great thing to do on a weekend. Find your Escape Room now!