Our 3 Favorite Mystery Movies


Mystery is one of the most cherished genres in cinematography. Since the early days of cinema, the idea of intriguing the audience and making them wonder what is actually going on has always appealed to filmmakers. The same tradition continued unabated to this day, which is why there are many great mystery films to enjoy. But, some of them are simply outstanding in every way, and because of that, here are 3 of our favorite mystery movies.


The Sixth Sense


A horror mystery film from the late 1990s, The Sixth Sense is a true cultural phenomenon almost from the day it started showing in movie theaters. In the film, a bewildered counselor working in New York realizes that all of a sudden, he can see ghosts of dead people. As he begins to explore this unnerving discovery, he is taken on a personal journey that will lead him to a place he, just like the audience, would otherwise never have suspected.


Citizen Kane


A classic of US cinematography, this mystery film was celebrated by fans and critics for decades and for all the good reasons. The movie follows the rise of a strange billionaire magnate and the evolution of his incredible life. Both of these create a perfect stage for questions like who he really was and what is the mysterious rosebud that keeps begins referenced in the film. Citizen Kane is both a sharp critique of the modern industrial society and a heartbreaking mystery drama, which is why it stood the test of time and is considered one of the best films ever made.




Named after a Latin word for memory, this film follows a man who was injured in a way that stops him from making any short-term memory. But, this does not stop him from hunting for his wife’s killers, while all he has to go on is a series of cryptic tattoos he carries on his body as permanent messages to himself. Directed by the brilliant Christopher Nolan, the film single-handedly managed to create a whole new benchmark for an engaging and unpredictable mystery thriller.
With any one of these excellent mystery movies we love, anyone can immerse themselves in some of the best works that were created in this art form.