Weekend Activities In San Antonio


Whether you’re just in town for the weekend or you’ve been living in San Antonio for years, there are always new things to do around town. Not everyone wants to hit the bars filled with smoke and loud music. Here are some fun activities to do on the weekends.

Take The San Antonio River Tours

Everyone has heard of the Riverwalk downtown right? This tour is one of the best weekend activities in San Antonio that you can do. It is an excellent substitute for indoor activities like an escape room. This is one thing that you should not miss especially if you want to relax and see how beautiful it is here. You only have to pay $8.25 to see what is in store for you out here. Providing you with a tour guide to tell you all about San Antonio, this is surely one main attraction that must be part of your agenda. The ride lasts for only 35 to 40 minutes and trust that you will get out with a smile on your face.

Walk Along King William District

This neighborhood was built by Germans in the late 1800s and is still preserved up to the present. If you want to have an experience of old San Antonio, this where you should spend your weekend. There are breakfast inns and home tours that allow you to roam around this historic village. There is no other place like this that you can go to especially when you want to detach yourself from the busy life in the city.

Visit The Zoo

Perhaps you are used to taking your kids to play the escape games. Well, the San Antonio Zoo is yet another excellent place to take them.In fact, it is not like any other zoo that you have been to before. This is the perfect weekend trip for your family, especially the children. Let them learn and be amazed at how many different animal species there are out there. You too will be awed by the exotic and endangered animals which are being kept in that place.

Try a Room Escape at Great Room Escape San Antonio

Room escapes are a great way to bring your friends or family together for a unique and exciting experience. Together with your chosen team, you will work together to solve various riddles and clues to see if you can escape from a room in only one hour. This fun adventure will keep you on your toes as your wits are tested, creating a truly unique and memorable experience for everyone.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about what you want to do on the weekends. You can also check out the local news stations or get a copy of the SA Current to give you more ideas.