How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse


Just because a Zombie Apocalypse has not happened yet does not mean it won’t. It’s no longer about whether zombies are real not. It’s about how prepared you are in case of a zombie apocalypse. Will you pull through the undead onslaught? Here are some of the tips to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

  1. Devise a plan

It is better to be prepared so that you don’t be caught unaware by zombies. Devise a plan that will see you overpower’ zombies. Other than being vigilant, identify a safe assembling area as well as the easiest route to get there. That done, locate the nearest hospitals, banks, gas stations, and other important buildings. Also, know every exit of your town and always have a map with you.

  1. Ensure your house is well-protected

If your house is not zombie-proof, it is high time you make some modifications to it. While zombies aren’t too clever, they are super strong. This means that you need to have enough barricades to prevent them from breaking in. Zombies have difficulties climbing, so always aim for higher grounds.

  1. Get physical

While you can drive yourself, it is not every time that you are in a car. What if zombies find you outside your car? Will you outrun them? Well, unless you are physically fit, you may not outrun them. Get in strength training workouts and cardio to become physically fit. You can also take part in Great Room Escape, where you will be locked up in an escape room with other participants, and you are to use your skills to escape within an hour. The goal is to get fit and acquire skills.

  1. Work as a team

Survival in the case of a zombie attack is more likely if you work as a team than if go the individual way. Work together as a group, watch other’s backs, and take turns being on the lookout to stay alive.

While we hear of zombies only in movies, it is always good to be prepared. A Zombie apocalypse may or may not happen, but either way, we need to be prepared. Thankfully, there are many escape games out there that equip you with skills on what to do in case of a zombie attack. The above are some tips on how to escape an impending zombie attack.