Horror Video Games


One of the most celebrated genres of entertainment is horror. It explores the scariest characters, stories, and environments. A collection of lasting franchises has been created in this genre. Fans visit movie theaters in millions to watch horror movies and their sequels. Today, video games have taken the thrill up a notch by immersing you right into the horrific environments as a character. Here are some of the scariest horror video games today.

Until Dawn

This is a 2016 horror video game released for Playstation 4. It combines all the characteristics of slasher movies into one blood-soaked, creepy horror video game. In the game, a group of 8 teenagers is vacationing in a cabin in the woods. While there, they are attacked by a psycho killer. As the player, you can cycle through different characters to solve the mystery of the slasher. With every character you choose, you can experience a different perspective of the game, unique scares, and death sequences. Until Dawn allows you to make different decisions throughout the life of each character. This makes it the ultimately playable horror video game.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

This is possibly the scariest video game ever made. It is a survival horror video game that documents the story of two identical sisters in Japan. They explore a village that has been abandoned and meet various paranormal creatures. In the game, the only way to defeat the scary creatures is to view them through a vintage device known as a Camera Obscura. You have to take photos of the creatures repeatedly so that they can die. Many professional video game players who experienced Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly were unable to finish it. It was originally released for PlayStation 2 but is also available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox, and Wii.


Horror video games are fun, exciting, and often chilling. The titles described above are bound to satisfy your need for scares. If they are not enough, you can jump right into a real-life horror game set up known as the Great Room Escape.