Trapped in a Room With a Zombie

Zombie RoomIt’s safe to say that times are changing. The way we talk on the phone, computers, television and even dating have all evolved tenfold within the past decade. Some change has taken some getting used to and other changes are very welcome and a long time coming. The Great Room Escape is also looking to provide some of that change as well; in gaming, team building, family interaction and providing new destinations for travelers. The Great Room Escape is an interactive and immersive experience in which 12 participants enter a room and have up to an hour to find a way out of the room. The room is laden with clues and riddles to help you escape and require you and your fellow participants to work together.

Now think of your favorite zombie scenario. If you’re a fan of the genre no doubt you’ve gone over this in your head. Who would you save? What zombie hunting weapon would you bring?

Throughout the history of Zombies, there has never been an experience like this.

How long do you fight? The Zombie Room is just that, a themed room where you and your fellow participants must race against the clock to escape from a zombie. Now the room is not as dire as life or death, but it can get intense! For all the fans of zombie films or those that fashion themselves as zombie hunters, this is your chance to live out your dream! As you work together, the zombie will slowly be released into the room chain link by chain link. As the clock ticks and you and your partners rack your brains scrambling to find clues and decipher riddles, it will begin to dawn on you that your very brains are on the line! In fact, the only weapon any of you will have is your collective brains!

The Great Escape Room in Chicago is all about providing change. If you’re a company looking for ways to boost morale or just treat your staff for their continuous hard work, this is a great way to build camaraderie and trust among co workers. Plus it’s complete fun to watch Janice from accounting freak out at the sight of a dead walker!hu If you’re a family that loves to hang with each other and you’re looking for a new experience to test your strength, this is perfect! Who knows, it could be the ten year old that saves mom and dad. To the game enthusiasts looking for something new and exciting in the form of escape games, this is your chance. If you’ve already got a knack for puzzles and riddles, this is perfect for you and your friends.

Log on to to get more information, book a room and even watch a video on what’s in store for you and your fellow participants. The experience will help build and strengthen bonds, as well as provide an awesome and fun challenge for you and everyone else! It’s more entertaining than any zombie film you have ever seen.